Ember Reigns

First Impressions

I never know what to expect when I`m heading to a solo babe site for the first time. I always assume she`s going to be cute, young, slim and have small tits because that`s the vast majority of them. I like those girls but there are so many of them out there that I crave something a little different every now and then. Ember Reigns is that something different. She`s a beautiful and busty blonde with a pornstar body and she has her own site where she shows off pictures and videos.

Hot Promises

There`s a free preview video right on the main page and it`s worth a click to check it out. You`ll see Ember entertaining and teasing and if you browse around you`ll discover that she has 32F tits, that she offers high resolution pictures, does weekly cam shows, has high definition videos and offers you access to bonus cam shows. You can also check out preview pictures from the most recent updates. Ember does glamour, casual and naughty pictures along with shots from her webcams. These are all the promises and I`m looking forward to seeing if she delivers.


The design elements from the tour are present in the member`s area and it looks nice. There`s a picture of ember covered in body paint or something else pink and sticky that greets you and below that there`s a list of all the recent updates. The site is very new so she`s still updating every 2-4 days. I wouldn`t expect that to continue in the future but for now we`ll laud her for presenting you with lots of quality content. Given how little content there is I was disappointed that she`s charging $29.95/month. Taking $5 off that would be appropriate at this point.

My first venture into her content was the picture galleries. These are high quality image sets that display at 1200px and they`re very well photographed. The lighting is good, there`s no blurriness and Ember is always looking her best. Most galleries have 40-70 pictures and you can download a zip file if you`d like. There are only 13 sets at this point (as of June 29, 2009) but like I said she`s adding new content at a prodigious rate so you probably don`t have to be stressed about wasting your money on a tiny little collection.

The picture sets are definitely of the centerfold variety. She`s not going for cute and cuddly here; she`s going for super hot and lusty. Like many girls with big tits and hot asses she has a picture set where she pours baby oil all over her body. That looks fucking awesome, as you might imagine. In another she`s getting all wet in the shower and in another she`s taking a bubble bath. There`s only one lingerie set so far, which was a little disappointing. If there was ever a girl that should be put on some lingerie and prance around in front of the camera it`s Ember Reigns.

She`s an exceptionally attractive girl and that comes through in every image set. Her long blonde hair looks fantastic and she works different styles with it depending on the feel she`s going for. Her breasts are fake and big and they look terrific sitting so high on her chest. The lingerie gallery has her in a flyaway baby doll and her body is the kind that makes such an outfit look utterly perfect. There are also five galleries of webcam pics that are better looking than I thought they`d be. It`s another opportunity to see Ember looking hot and this time there are some of her in lingerie.

The videos are disappointing because you can`t download them. To make matters worse they stream in an embedded Windows Media Player, which makes fast forwarding a nightmare. Most of the movies are high definition but that means it takes forever for them to buffer and start playing. If you try to fast forward before the clip has downloaded you can expect to wait three or four minutes before it starts playing again. In this day and age if you`re going to forbid people to download your content you absolutely must have a Flash player so it can be more easily accessed.

There are ten videos and they cover all kinds of hot stuff. You can see her playing in the pool and tits like hers always look good when they`re wet. You can see her lying on a towel outdoors and fucking her sexy pussy with a dildo. You can see the busty Ember Reigns wearing a blue sweater and rubbing her pussy, although that video was a little awkward. It was like she didn`t know how to masturbate, which is obviously silly since she has plenty of experience pleasuring her box. I like the movies but it`s so difficult to appreciate them in the current state (what`s even more maddening is that if you watch the one webcam show she has archived it streams in a Flash player).

As of this moment there are no webcam shows scheduled, which is kind of odd because this site just launched. There`s no reason for her to have quit doing them already. There`s a chance that she`ll schedule something real soon and that I`m just in here at a bad time but it`s pretty hard to confirm that. However, you do get access to several other cam shows. The network is called CamClique and there`s at least one show scheduled per week for the next month and from what I can tell you usually get close to daily shows.

There are some areas where you can learn more about Ember and try to achieve that personal connection that often makes solo sites so much fun to be a member of. On the biography page she lists all the standard stuff like her favorite movies, cars and TV shows along with the tattoos she has, her sexual orientation and that sort of stuff. The diary page currently has three entries and the last one was more than two weeks ago so who knows if that`s being updated. It appears as though Ember stays in touch by posting on the forum. There`s no guarantee that it`s her but there are posts that she made today so you can chat with here there.

There`s a wallpaper section that currently features one desktop decoration for you. Ember looks hot in the picture and they have a special widescreen version at 1920x1200 that`s perfect for the guys with the high resolution computers. There are seven bonus galleries given to Ember by her friends in the business and while they`re advertisements for other sites you are getting a bunch of free pictures so it`s totally worth it.

Croco’s Opinion

Ember Reigns is smoking hot. She`s a blonde centerfold type with big tits, a small waist and a nice round ass. She`s sexy and sensual and she understands how to arouse a man. Her site is off to a good start but there are some problems. First, there isn`t much content at this point (keep in mind that she`s updating every 2-4 days so that will change quickly). The bigger problem is that the videos can`t be downloaded and they stream in an embedded Windows Media Player. That makes them very hard to enjoy and you don`t get a lasting keepsake of this beauty, which is a bummer. She also hasn`t scheduled any webcam shows recently and there`s only one in the archive so there`s no way of knowing how often she`s planning on doing them. This is the only place to see Ember so if you really like her then it`s worth a look, especially a month or two from now when the site has grown further.


Navigating is made easy by the smart layout and the fast loading pictures. The video streaming is an issue I`ve already talked about.

Pricing Policy

It`s $29.95 every 30 days and you can pay $74.95 to join for 90 days.

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